Live a calmer, more spacious, self-empowered life.

Intuitive content & coaching to support you on your journey towards personal growth, inner freedom and intentional living.

Welcome to Harmali.

Here you'll find inspiration, practical tips and insights for living a slower, more expansive, heart-powered life from the inside out.

Hi, I'm Melanie...

I’m a writer, intuitive and empowerment coach. I’m also a nature lover, old soul, book and research enthusiast, self-care fan and humanity advocate.

I love sharing content and supporting people to anchor themselves and understand the power of the mind-body connection – things that have also helped me recover from debilitating anxiety and people pleasing.

Heart-based coaching & content

I guide people to connect with their true selves – beyond the ego, understand what it is they really want, and support them as they take intentional steps towards inner transformation. This can include reflection, self-healing practices, emotional well-being, understanding energy, body connection and mindset.

I’m an intuitive which just means I’m able to see a greater perspective and have an inner knowing about things I sometimes can’t explain – I bring this into my writing and the way I coach.

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